09th Nov 2013

EU Starcraft players?

Soleron on 05/21/11 15:26 GMT

Any Starcraft 2 players with an EU account want to play some Custom games?

I am Soleron.427, I’m a Gold Protoss, but I’ll play anyone and I always like to go through replays afterwards to learn. Post here or on my Wall.

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07th Nov 2013

Intermediate SC 2 Zerg Guides

This way, you can recognize an early harass by your enemy and probably counter the move with some thing much more powerful for your very own base. Harassment is when you or your opponent makes use of a modest quantity of exceptional models, to lead to injury to the opposing player.

This is carried out with a see not to engage in a huge battle, and is normally targeted at creating the most quantity of hurt to the opponent’s financial system and manufacturing abilities.

This is usually sufficient to throw your opponent off guard, while you are orchestrating your successive moves. The bottom line is that if your opponent launches early harassment he is heading to be concentrated mostly on your subjected personnel, and their capability to keep mining.

Ever before heard of the new Starcraft? The Starcraft II? If you happen to be a Starcraft player, I wager you have hear about considerably awaited however mysterious Starcraft II. Up right up until now, Blizzard Enjoyment has been trying to keep Starcraft players fired up about the sequel of the award-successful Starcraft.

About Starcraft II: Let me refresh you about Starcraft. dota-two-bloodseeker Newbies will have an choice of finding out the methods and gameplay by way of: – several guides – mentoring systems Coaching (we will speak a good deal about this in the foreseeable future) – AI bots for offline gameplay No be concerned for Mac OS and Mac OS X consumers, as the game will run as great as on the Windows platform.

But what truly is Dota? Ok, as stated just before, it was created for Warcraft 3, an great game which soon after a decade is even now played at several LAN-events. When enjoying Dota you may handle only a single caracter at a time.

You may degree up your character, gather devices and gold, as well as a ton of other abilities. This new edition of the well-known game spends more time focusing on the multi-player facets of the journey.

Currently being a technique game played in real-time, participants require all the aid that they can get to master and excel. This is what Shokz Starcraft two Guide gives. It is extremely beneficial for the novice, intermediate and even sophisticated player.

This manual will arm you with tricks, details and strategies to help you obtain your gaming goals. There is an at any time escalating competitors in the marketplace now days. To deal with it top rated cellular companies and best major businesses appear together and join hands to make the finest offers achievable to improve their revenue and be on leading place.

1 this sort of company is the Sony Ericsson that has occur up with their special Sony Ericsson Satio agreement. It is an awesome contract, aids you decrease your phone payments and generate earnings.

Sony Ericsson Satio contains alot of capabilities which make this a popular and one particular of the top phones. When viewing replay you will see what his weakness and most potent methods to defeat your opponent are.

Also examine the time, the accuracy of the building of orders and effectiveness of the fight against his enemy with his tactic.

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29th Oct 2013

Blizzard needs to get its own Steam

I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 quite a bit recently. Mostly just going through the single player. Then there’s World of Warcraft that has commanded a lot of my gaming time since 2007. But the more I play Starcaft, the more aparent that Blizzard needs a real platform for its games. One akin to Steam.

They have already gone a long way with things like Real ID and Achievements. Heck, I believe they made the free Starcraft 2 Starter Edition so then they could sell mods to everyone. So Starcraft 2 is it’s own platform, but why not include WoW and Diablo 3 into the mix?

It certainly would be better for players if everything was on it’s own platform. Steam has automatic sign-in. More importantly Steam has an offline mode (very necessary for single player, particularly for laptop owners like me). There’s the integrated friends and server look-up. All of it could easily be done and without the need to log-in to a game.

I would prefer that Blizzard integrate itself into Steam. Afterall, that’s where all my other games are. But if Blizzard is moving toward having the store it envisioned for Starcraft, I can stand having another platform installed onto my PC. As long as it doesn’t go through the same debacle that EA’s Origin has gone through.

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19th Jan 2013

See What Happens When Major League Gaming Flies In The World’s Best Starcraft …

major league gaming starcraft arenaCompetitive gaming has gotten really, really serious.

Major League Gaming, the largest competitive video game league in the world, flew in 32 of the best Starcraft 2 players from all around the world to its headquarters in New York City.

They duked it out for $26,000 in prizes, along with pool placement and travel to the Winter Championships in Columbus, Ohio later this month, where a $76,000 prize pool will be up for grabs.

It was an exclusive, private event with no live audience, but the matches were streamed online (pay-per-view for $20).

MLG allowed us behind-the-scenes to see all the fun—and work—that goes into a gaming event like this.


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12th Jan 2013

Intermediate StarCraft 2 Zerg Tutorials

Don’t forget that all the time in the course of the game you ought to know what are you doing and why are you performing it. Taking part in pointlessly is a straight way to hell Consult yourselfAfter each game you play, inquire oneself:&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&bull Why did I win / drop?&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&bull Did I make any errors?

What blunders?&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&bull Was my general strategy wrong? Or the unit assortment? Did I miss a drop into my mineral line?&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&bull Was there any possibility I could have won?&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&bull What should I do far better next time?

These Starcraft video games are also televised constantly, by the way. Starcraft two is the sequel to that madness. Now that we have established the titanic influence that is Starcraft two, let us discuss the Beta.

Starcraft two has been in manufacturing for about five a long time, and Blizzard (the producer of Starcraft) has released a Beta for Starcraft The beta is fundamentally an incomplete edition of the game, manufactured offered to men and women in purchase to assess the game so far, and acquire info for how to enhance it.

Recognize how I described that it was “produced available to men and women”. Protoss are viewed as the middle race due to getting able to use most tactics from the other two races, also their useability is not the most difficult nor the most effortless.

An critical capacity to grasp when enjoying as Protoss is micro management. In comparison to Zerg and Terran, Protoss attacks generally are of scaled-down groups, so good manage of your units is crucial to play them successfully against your enemy.

In the early game Protoss have a tendency to be weaker than the other two races, but as the game progresses Protoss get far better due to becoming in a position to build buildings quick and set up valuable defenses.

As component of this Starcraft 2 Protoss manual as you study on it will be mentioned the techniques to making use of Protoss to their full capability. In spite of this, some specialist gamers still use this technique at top rated stage, with a handful of twists (Baneling Flanking).

Prior to we begin, a couple of important points: It is of crucial importance to apply with all 3 races. You may well want to concentrate on your favored a single, which is flawlessly very good, but don’t ignore the other ones simply because as you get far better with them, so will your method from them.

The Baneling Bust method is most successful against Terrans, but we have seen great results from Protoss and even Zerg, at which stage it basically turns into a tight race, and the winner will eventually be whoever is the fastest, and helps make the very best use of the resources.

Micro-ing is very essential at this stage. I doubt that they’re going to do that but it confident does indicate how excellent the blend is. Get these models jointly and reap the rewards.

Consistently Make Marines Early – For Defense or OffenseWhether you want to attack early or not, it tends to make feeling to throw up a few barracks and also to have a few marines out there.


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28th Feb 2012

Major League Gaming's $20 PPV a Mixed Success

Winter Arena winner MarineKingPrime (photo: TeamLiquid)

Just a year ago, the idea that anyone in North America would shell out $20 to watch people play professional Starcraft over the internet would have been laughable. But over the past year or so, the eSport has grown by leaps and bounds, and has become a full-fledged niche phenomenon with a devoted community who treats the best Starcraft players like professional sports stars.

Major League Gaming (MLG) has been at the forefront of bringing pro Starcraft to the masses, and last year saw its online viewership grow with each passing event. They topped out at 241,000 concurrent viewers for their Providence event last year, which rivals traditional cable TV ratings.

But the problem? The business of pro gaming has never exactly been rife with profits, especially in the US. Tournaments are free to watch, only supported by sponsors or occasional video ads. Knowing they need to bring in more money to make these kind of events sustainable, and realizing they have a devoted fanbase, MLG made a bold move. They’d charge for a Pay Per View event.

The MLG Winter Arena that took place this weekend cost $20 for a pass that let you watch the entire tournament’s matches in high quality, free of any ads whatsoever. It’s a move that’s divided the community since it was announced, and now that the event is over, is still being debated among fans. Was it worth the rather hefty up front price?

The event itself from a gameplay perspective was top notch. As always, MLG managed to get the best talent from around the world to fly in and compete, and all the biggest names across the US (Idra), Canada (HuK), the UK (DeMuslim), Sweden (Naniwa) and Korea (DRG, Nestea, MC, too many to count) were there.

The weekend had six to eight hours of gameplay Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and was a constant stream of matches with almost no downtime. MLG invested a lot into their brilliant new stream viewer, which allowed players to jump back and forth across different games that were being played simultaneously, without the constant interruption of ads every time a new stream loaded. It really was the best tournament viewing system I’ve ever seen for an event like this. Additionally, after game replay analysis and POV streams were also great new additions that made the whole event just a little bit better.

The big story of the weekend was the Korean MarineKingPrime winning his first major tournament, a moment that brought tears to his eyes as he’s long suffered a curse of only managing to finish second at big events.

The matches were great and the stream viewer was fantastic, but the event wasn’t completely free of hiccups, and there is room for improvement if this sort of PPV format is going to continue. A high quality 1080P stream was advertised as one of the best reasons to pay for the weekend package, but mine was simply unwatchable all day Friday and Sunday due to massive amounts of lag. 720P was just fine, but paying customers want the utmost quality, and for me at least, it wasn’t available for almost the entire weekend.

Second place finisher Dong Rae Gu (photo: TeamLiquid)

There were additional lag problems when the game started glitching during key moments of the Grand Finals game and the main stream occasionally went offline completely. This set forums ablaze with viewers angry that they were missing important moments of an event they’d paid for.

Technical issues aside, perhaps the biggest change that needs to be made is the return of a live crowd watching the event. Even though the matches were incredible, viewers had to rely only on the casters to generate excitement, as usually there has been a roar of a crowd backing them up during particularly epic moments during past events. In this case, with no crowd, when MarineKing won his long awaited title, there were no cheers, no one running up to hug him and no tearful presentation ceremony. Just a kid sitting there not realizing what had just happened as the casters repeated “he won, he won!” over and over. The crowd has been one of the best aspects of past MLG events, and I think they’ve learned that after this weekend, as they’re usually very good about responding to fan feedback.


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27th Feb 2012

Advanced StarCraft 2 Terran Lessons

Myst also was 1 of the couple of games at the time to be known for an virtually lack of violence. Even so, the storyline of the game was intricately detailed. The gameplay also extra to the enjoyment issue of the sport, with it becoming so simple that the player could basically forget himself in the globe of Myst.

Notice that the game was also one of the handful of ones that would challenge the persistence levels of the player. Whilst the storyline was intricate and complicated, the points at which the story moved forward ended up far in between.

If you follow the Starcraft two Terran vs Terran Methods in this post, you ought to be in a position to dominate your opponents in this matchup very quickly. The Strategical Foundation This matchup is among the 3 mirror matches in Starcraft two, that means that each sides are employing the identical models, buildings and technological innovation.

Because of that, there are no disadvantages specific to your opponent&#39s race that you can depend on, so in the finish it all comes down to obtaining the much better Macro and Micro management.

If you are ready to execute your build orders more rapidly than your opponent or gather much more resources by creating a greater economic system, you will have a large advantage. Oftentimes, you will conclude up in battles from really similar unit mixes.

You will receive significantly far more than the typical created phase-by-stage guides with it’s possible a video clip or two. The Starcraft 2 Diamond Gamer include-on will offer you with a entirely interactive technique manual that is accessible right within of Starcraft two with only a couple of mouseclicks.

I have witnessed similiar products for other video games, which largely have been extremely poorly applied and fairly significantly ineffective, so I was extremely sceptical to say the least. Thankfully, the Starcraft two Diamond Gamer add-on is a very high high quality product and the developers managed to seemlessly integrate the include-on into the game, offering you a extremely consumer-helpful expertise.

As an alternative of having to print out countless pages of poorly written technique guides, you can entry all the data you will need with the help of a wonderful menu within of the game.

Inside this guide you will find out specifically how to create the excellent order, crush your opponents with top rated secret methods and counter any tactic by way of phase by phase video instructional information.

Want to learn how to be usually ready from any method and attack from all races? So right here is yet another actually excellent Starcraft 2 method that a single might use in a Zerg vs Terran game.

Zerg’s investor is a really effective unit and can show really useful in a Zerg vs Terran match. This is simply because, Infestor is extremely good vs . groups of bio-models like Marauders.

The object of the game is to fill in the grid so that every row, each and every column, and each 3×3 box contains the digits 1 by way of 9, with no duplicates. Some numbers are filled in for you in every row, column and grid.


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22nd Feb 2012

Facebook Millionaire Charlie Cheever: All I Really Need To Know, I Learned Playing Starcraft

Charlie Cheever

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Facebook Sheryl Sandberg COO

jim Goldman CNBC

Starcraft II is the game of choice for the Silicon Valley engineers building companies like Facebook, Asana, and Quora.

The game is basically a 21st century version of Chess. Except that instead of starting with your Rooks, Bishops, and Queens, all you have at the beginning of a game is the pawns. You have to then direct these “pawns” to mine natural resources, build factories, and use those factories to build more powerful pieces.

Also, unlike Chess, where players alternate turns, Starcraft II is live and ridiculously fast-paced.

Valley lawyer Justin Liu says he knows people at Facebook, Quora, Asana, Google, and Microsoft who play up to 15 hours a week.

The very best Starcraft II player out in Silicon Valley, at least according to one gamer source out there, is Charlie Cheever.

Cheever is the 20-something, blond, good-looking, now rich, engineer who played a crucial role building Facebook as an early employee. Last year he quit to cofound Quora, a QA site that all the Valley bigwigs love.

Cheever himself is pretty modest about his game. On Quora, he writes, “On the current account I have on Battle.net, my W/L record is 56-76.  That’s about 1/3 of the games I’ve played in my life.  In general, I’m pretty bad.  Probably D/D- on ICCup.”

The best ever or just OK, Cheever says he’s learned a lot about life and business playing Starcraft II.


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19th Feb 2012

Blizzard Entertainment Remains Committed To Pro Gaming With Battle.net World Championship

In many ways, Blizzard Entertainment is responsible for the exponential growth eSports has experienced around the globe. First with StarCraft and more recently with StarCraft II, the game maker has crafted the perfect game for strategic gameplay and exciting fan engagement – whether watching live in an arena or streaming online through Twitch.TV or other service.

In addition to incorporation pro gaming into its annual BlizzCon Convention in Anaheim, the game giant has announced the 2012 Battle.net World Championship. This major global eSports event featuring some of the best pro gaming competition in the world will take place in Asia toward the end of 2012. Although no country has been named yet, South Korea is a likely candidate given the dedicated fan base that has allowed two 24-hour TV channels to track StarCraft II and eSports there.

The Battle.net World Championship will host this year’s StarCraft II and World of Warcraft Arena World Championship tournaments. According to the announcement, Blizzard gamers and eSports fans from around the world will be invited to attend and witness some of the most skilled pro players on the planet battle it out for cash and glory.

“We’re excited to be showcasing Blizzard eSports on a truly global stage this year,” said Blizzard PR in an email release. “We’re also heavily focused on getting Diablo III, Mists of Pandaria, and Heart of the Swarm into players’ hands as soon as possible. In light of our jam-packed schedule, we’ve decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013.”

Blizzard promised that more details about the 2012 Battle.net World Championship and BlizzCon 2013, including specific dates and locations, will be coming in the months ahead. Check out the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm expansion video interview below.



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18th Feb 2012

World of Warcraft/Starcraft Theme Parks Coming Soon?

Reports have begun to spread that a new theme park is being developed for Chine called JoyLand. But since there is no photos of actual construction, I’m a bit skeptical about the whole project. According to the official website, the new park will feature lavish World of Warcraft and StarCraft themed areas, and that the park is planning to open in May 2011. At this point in time there should be a lot of photos of construction, something I couldn’t find anywhere online. And why wouldn’t Blizzard have mentioned this licensing opportunity at one of their past Blizzcon gaming conventions?

Either way I think the concept images are cool enough to share and talk about the possibilities. The areas mentioned on the Joyland website are “Hero Gate”, “Taobao Avenue,” “Mysterious Island”, “Moore Park”, “World of Legend” (a popular Chinese MMO), “Universe of StarCraft”, “the Terrain of Warcraft”, “Moles World” and “Temple Mount”. Joyland also plans to house a giant e-sports center that aims to become a trade expo destination. Check out the concept images after the jump.










via: MiceChat

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StarCraft 2 Reviews
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